Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lately and stuff

This is a DQ ice cream cake...mmm mmm good.

I actually picked this Wii game out, with my birthday money, for Levi. I'm not really all that into Cars...but I'm a nice big brother.

It was about 60 degrees out there on this day that we decided to try out the pool. We are kinda crazy.

This is us, with a part of my dad's family, after our soccer game last Saturday...we are at the Cheesecake Factory!

I know it's been a long time since I've updated my blog.

so here I am, seven months later.

there is so much to update so I will just throw a few pictures on here.

Lots of changes around here since my last post:

~I'm 13 now.

~My Dad quit his job and started his own company.
~We've gotten a new president in America.
~We are undefeated in our soccer season, last game this coming Saturday.
~Molly's personality has gotten so much funnier, cuter, and sometimes pesky.

Friday, October 17, 2008



if you look right in the center of this picture, you will see Piper and Becky. We met them there, as P's class was there for the morning.

Hey Punkin


Mel looks quite deep in thought.

talk about a close--up

getting closer to that six foot mark. OMGoodness. now I'll have to dig out the past year's see the progression. this dude is almost as tall as his dad.

sun in your eyes, E? you are definitely catching up to Will...

sweet girl inching up on that fiver

binocular man

Moo moo is itching for an escape...

Today was the 5th annual Waterman's Harvest Festival visit.

We've gone almost every year since 2002...with the exception of last year, when we just weren't all that into it. having a new baby was my reason. This family event is chock full of good memories...the first year we went, I was 6 days away from delivering friend, Jen, was with us and my brand new Aztek broke down. ahhhhhh, the memories came a-flooding back today...

And then there's Tyranny, the pumpkin-chomping T-Rex...a classic. it was great fun to watch different children shriek in sheer terror today, as Tyranny did his stuff...they put a pumpkin in his mouth, turn on the uber loud dino recording...growling, and roaring...and we all watch in sheer joy as he chomps down his treat.

corn mazes, hay bales stacked up to here, hay ride, pumpkin doesn't get any better.

Punkinstein is what Levi calls Waterman's. It's a mix between well, obviously, Pumpkin and Frankenstein, I believe. He's a cute kid.

E. and I just got back from a lumber run, since Davey boy is working on the porch project again tomorrow morning. Tonight, we are off to birthday shop for our boy, Will. He is staying home so he can clean the lower level (whatta guy)...and to get his schoolwork/guitar finished up for the day. Last soccer games (yah) occur tomorrow and Will's big birthday bash. Well, not so big but we won't tell him that. Hope y'all are having a bootiful start to your weekend! Peace!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

BIGGEST post ever (on my blog)!

some roof pictures.
16 feet tall it is going to be one of the wonders of the world.

I can do this!
I'm fine...
Roman gladiator ring. watch tower.
the stands for the gladiator ring.
the emperor's stand.
a shot of the new roof .

the bank robbers in action,
a set Will ind I built,a batman set.
the traggic loss of Bruce wayne's parent's.

some very weird glasses I created out of legos.
(and a cheesy smile!)

the joker, psycho!!!

dad and I working on some beams for the roof.
this is the second one of the locust trees.

(that fell)
dad cutting post for the deck.
will and mel working.

hanging out at becky's house tonight.
baby nora.
will's cheesecake. mmmmmmmmmm!
our u-verse, sweet.

fall is here and levi's gone CRAZY!

levi seems very interested in the menu.
molly's always busy! mel and I shared this huge meal.
happy birthday will!

sorry I will not be able to talk about this tonight got to go I will tell you my next post.